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Original Manuals and useful information about Siambretta, Lambretta y related brands


Almost all the information published on this page is in PDF format. In order to open this files, you need Acrobat Reader installed on your computer.

Our philosophy is to publish all the information we have (respecting the copyright of the correspondent owners) wich can be of interest of any Siambretta and Lambretta Owner, with the -only- aim of sharing the available acknowledge. If you share ouw ideology and you have any manual or useful information you guess it can be of interest for any Siambretta or Lambretta owner, you can contact us and we’ll publish it as soon as possible.

The copyright of all the information published on this page correspond to severals sites and/or ownners. Owners of most of this files are even mentioned in diferent ways inside them. The aim of El Siambrettista isn’t to claim any kind of ownership of this information, but act as a mirror of it in order to ensure the online availability of them.

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