“El Siambrettista” Magazine

It was 1955 and Siamlambretta’s sales were a boom. Orders of this brand-new scooter were accumulated by thousands, which made a delay on the delivery of new units up to five months. In this context, SIAM implemented a series of marketing actions in order to generate loyalty in customers and, by this way, attract new sales. This is how the old Club Siambretta was born.

Club Siambretta’s Badge

With headquarters in the most important cities of the country, the old Club Siambretta was an organization created and supported by SIAM, with the aim of promoting siambretta related activities such as owners social meetings, tournaments organization, technical talks, etc.

These activities, plus brand related news, personal stories and many other events from this new scene called the “Siambrettismo” were spread through “El Siambrettista” magazine.

This magazine, which was published in fifteen editions between 1955 and 1961, was distributed in Siambretta Club headquarters and in the main Siambretta’s commercial venue on 940 Florida Ave, Buenos Aires. Despite the fact this magazine was very related to the club, it was actually Siambretta SAIC (principally by the hand of Aldo Peirano, Siambretta’s brand manager) who produced this fanzine about our beloved national scooter.

With an intricate redaction, typical to that age’s magazines, this endless information source invite us to revive the euphoria of a vehicle that came to move a booming epoch of our country.

The current “El Siambrettista” project takes its name and ideals, in order to put in value that history, show up the Siambretta scene and connect all the Siambrettistas around the world.

Thanks to the collaboration of some disinterested Siambrettistas, today we have the possibility of sharing twelve of that fifteen editions, in high quality definition, so that we can all learn more about that scene, whom values persist up to nowadays

If you have one of that missing editions, contact us and we will add it on this article. Enjoy’em!

Update 03/29/2021: Thanks to the collaboration of Luciano Iglesias, new member of El Siambrettista staff, we could get 7 editions more -some of them new ones, others in better conditions than the published ones- which now form part of the online collection publications, reaching 12 of the 15 published numbers. Nice gift on the day of the 12th anniversary of the project!!

Number 2 (1955) Number 4 (1956) Number 6 (1956)
Number 7 (1957) Number 8 (1957) Number 9 (1957)
Number 10/11 (1957) Number 12/13 (1958) Number 14 (1959)
Number 15/16 (1959) Number 17 (1960) Number 19/20 (1961)
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