12 Hours on Scooters

Always we talk about scooter’s racing, the first thing that comes to our mind are the BSSO (British Scooter Sport Organization) scooter tournament in England who ,from 1960, annually delight us with powerful scooters running on those splendid circuits. However, although this sounds interesting, this article addresses a little more particular and national story.

Between 1961 and 1967 it happened an unfamiliar event for many people. In the Buenos Aires City circuit, the “Club Motociclista Porteño” organized a series of scooter racing known as the “12 horas en Motoneta” (12 Hours on Scooters). It was a competition where many fanatics ran by 12 hours in an endurance racing with Siambrettas, Vespas, ISO, NSU, etc. which, in most of the cases, they were original scooters modified by themselves or mechanic teams (as well as amateur as professionals ones) .

Likewise, well known characters as Osvaldo Meriggi and the great Jorge Cupeiro -among many others- were involved in a tournament in which comradeship and friendship there were always present.

By the hand of Marcelo F. Otonello, the Informoto magazine released in 2009 an excellent article about this topic which, among it’s eight chapters, managed to cover -in an exemplary manner- the history of this vintage scooter racing as well as the historical context of the scooter scene in the beginning of the ’60s.

In this opportunity, in El Siambrettista we’ve decided to put in value the history of that competition, publishing a compilation of the eight chapters of the original article in one PDF file, as much as for online reading as for download in a printable HD version. Enjoy it!

Full HD version

The copyright of the original article -which we mention in this article- is of Informoto Magazine and/or of those we’ve mentioned in this article. The main aim of El Siambrettista is not -and will never be- to claim ownership of this piece of the original Informoto’s article, but act as a compiler and hosting mirror of it (actually, the original article can be found it freely on the internet) in order to ensure the availability on the web of this piece of history.

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