The Siambretta 175 AV Original Factory Color

The Siambretta 175 AV, also known as “Super Standar”, was the open frame version of the Siambretta 175 TV. This model tried to take the Siambretta 125 popularity -with a more powerful engine- in order to increase the sales in a market almost flooded by scooters, in the last Siambretta age (1964 – 1966). We were talking about this vehicle in this article.

In this opportunity we are addressing a topic which is as basic as hard to responde: Which was the original factory color? Although there is a great deal of talk about this, according to what we could research from trusted sources, there are two possible colors.

The first one is the light cream color used in the early models of Siambretta 125. Although there is not convincing evidence of that, it would make sense to have used that Siambretta iconic color for this “powerful reedition”.

The second color is a kind of grey white tending to a chalk white. In this case we can ensure this is an original factory color because we found a footboard -new from old concessionary’s stock- with this color. Particularly, we bought this part for a restoration of a Siambretta AV 175 with the same color, whose history is well known.

Siambretta 175 AV NOS footboard
Siam AV in Autoclasica

Coincidentally, this color is similar to the color of this Siambretta 175 AV, exposed in an Autojumble stand of Autoclasica 2013 in Buenos Aires. On that subject, we had the opportunity to talk with its restorer, who assured he knows about the scooter story and its original color very well, as well as he explained that the final scooter color is an almost exact replica of the original one.
Such replica, in some way, prompt us to reaffirm that this grey white previously mentioned was one of the original factory colors.

On the other hand, this black and white photo shown in the scooter’s user manual suggests that its color is a kind of white, which is consistent with the color we mention in this article.

User Manual

Finally, this color is quite similar with the color of the AV 175 shown in the cover of “Turismo Parabrisas” – the supplement of Parabrisas #47 of October 1964 magazine- just after to the scooter’s sale release date. Although it’s true that the color of that image depends on tens of aspects (how the photo was taken, printed and scanned), it’s an additional factor to reaffirm that this grey white is, at least, one of the Siambretta 175 AV original factory colors.

“Turismo Parabrisas”

As we all know, Siambretta’s history is not stone written and, sadly, the real history was lost. But we think all this information should be written, in order to contextualise and help those that want to know the original factory color for his Siambretta 175 AV restoration.

Surely more evidence will come to light in some moment and, as usual, you can count on us to publish it in some update of this article.

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