Siambretta 175 AV on “Parabrisas” Magazine

In the last time of Siambretta, Siam wanted to use the popularity of the Siambretta 125 standar model and decided to design and manofacture an open frame version of the Siambretta 175 TV. The result of this was the Siambretta “Super Standar” 175 AV, the only Siambretta model designed and manofactured 100% in Argentina. This model has subtle but marked differences with its bigger sister as the glove box and fuel tank, legshield and its typical front light, among others.

Although there are not convincing evidente, it’s believed that the acronym “AV” would mean “Argentina Veloce”, according to its close relation with the Siambretta -or Lambretta- 175 “TV” (Turismo Veloce)

In the magazine 43th edition of “Parabrisas” of June 1964, we found an article showing off the features of this brand new scooter and we publish it in HD version in this article.

First sheet
Second sheet
Third sheet

Or you can, also, download in PDF version for printing

Full HD article
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