Aquí esta la Siambretta

In the 17th. edition of the Argentinian magazine “Parabrisas”, dated on April 1962, we find a complete article with a basic maintenance guide for Siambretta and Lambretta motor scooters.
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This article addresses such topics as carburation and lubrication issues, as well as technical specifications and usage recommendations.
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In the first two pages it is shown (in a very detailed way) engine, gearbox and carburettor diagrams in order to explain how the vehicle works without the need to dismantle it.
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In the third page you can find electrical diagrams for the light switch and the junction box -which is located inside the headlamp- very useful to have this diagram here as it is difficult to make these connections in such a confined space.

This article was scanned and edited directly from the El Siambrettista’s historical archives. You can find bellow the download links with three pages, scanned in high definition, as well as a complete PDF version ready for printing (the same as the original).

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